By City Tattoo Removal London

Pulse Light Clinic was founded in 2000 as a rosacea treatment clinic, by our Director Mary Maclean RGN. Mary discovered early on, that rosacea responded better to IPL when used in combination with nutritional therapy. This unique feature had Mary rapidly fully booked up with clients from all over the country.

Mary continued to grow the clinic, passing this technique onto Pulse Light Clinic’s practitioners and expanding into other areas of aesthetic medicine, particularly laser tattoo removal, and so City Tattoo Removal was begun.

City Tattoo Removal now has over 15 years of experience in laser tattoo removal. Our tattoo removal lasers are state of the art and gold standard for laser tattoo removal, meaning we can remove tattoos safely and effectively unlike many pop up clinics that have outdated machines and a lack of experience.

Our clinic is staffed exclusively with experienced and fully trained laser tattoo removal specialists. Run by Lucy Dawe, BA(Hons) Senior Tattoo Removal Practitioner, our full-time specialist in laser tattoo removal. She has been with the clinic for a few years, treating a huge number of clients on a weekly basis, and she has built up a wealth of knowledge treating a whole range of tattoos on all skin types.