Laser tattoo removal is a non-surgical method of removing unwanted tattoos. Having an unsightly or just unwanted tattoo can be frustrating, or even depressing! Laser tattoo removal comes to the rescue, removing the unwanted tattoo in just a few treatments without any invasive surgeries!

Laser tattoo removal works by pulsing laser light into the tattoo which shatters the ink into tiny pieces, the body spots these particles as a foreign substance and removes these minute ink particles using its natural detoxification processes.

There are many different lasers, using varying technologies and with varying degrees of success. We use the PicoSure and PicoWay lasers as the they are the fastest and most effective lasers on the market.

The PicoSure and PicoWay tattoo removal lasers use photo-mechanical principles as opposed to photo-thermal alone, combined with ultra-short pulses, called pico-seconds (one trillionth of a second) to create the most powerful lasers and fastest treatment yet.

The PicoSure and PicoWay lasers are very similar in their technologies, but made by different companies, CynoSure and Syneron Candela. There are some mechanical differences, but the only important difference for you, is that the PicoWay laser is suitable for darker skin and the PicoSure is not.

What You Will See

During a PicoSure/PicoWay treatment the laser will be moved over the tattoo with some cool air blowing, the practitioner will take the laser over the tattoo a few times in one session. You may see your tattoo turning white or red. Once the session is complete, the tattoo will be wrapped in gauze.

Length of Treatment

The average time to remove a tattoo using either the PicoSure or PicoWay laser is about 4-8 treatments. Treatments are done with gaps of 6-8 weeks between appointments. Therefore, a full course of treatments may on average take 9 months. However this does vary for each client and their tattoo, as different factors play a role.

Factors which can affect how many treatments you need:

  • Quantity of ink used
  • Depth of ink placed in the skin
  • Type of ink used
  • Location on the body
  • Age of the tattoo
  • Colours of ink used
  • Size of the tattoo

Duration of Treatment:

The length of each treatment will vary depending on the size of the tattoo, from as little as minutes for a small symbol to an hour for a full sleeve.

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